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Using a Radius network healthcare professional may provide a better benefit level with greater savings.

Using a Cigna Savings Radius network healthcare professional may provide a lesser benefit level while still offering savings.

Be sure to verify your search results!

The Cigna Dental on-line Provider Directory is a convenience we're pleased to provide to Web browsers. Please remember that directory information is for reference only - always verify the dentist's address, phone, specialty and any other information before making an appointment.

YOUR Cigna DENTAL NETWORK OPTIONS: The list of available networks includes both the in-network and out-of-network options for your selected benefit plan. The in-network option(s) should be those listed first and begin with the network name.

This list of participating dentists is subject to change. Prior to making an appointment, please confirm the dentistís network participation either through the dental office or call 1.800.Cigna24 to speak with a Cigna customer services representative.